We stock and supply foils for a number of dinghies. Our aim is to manufacture centre boards and rudders that help our dinghy customers to achieve top success in their chosen class.

We are able to supply foils for the YWDB, Optimist, Poole AB, International Cadet, International Contender and other larger keelboat classes. We are also well equipped here at our unit to carry out repairs and regular maintenance to foils.

We manufacture and supply rudderstocks in various materials, including wood, foam, glass, and carbon. We have templates for most of the National and International classes and within specific rule limitations we endeavour to produce the most efficient shaped foils taking into account minimum drag and maximum lift characteristics.

Custom Orders

We are happy to discuss your particular requirements – weight of helmsman/crew, sail design (an important linking factor) and where appropriate, NACA sections required. Our experience will match the best materials and shapes to your aims – from family weekend sailing to regular class-based competition.

Creating Your Perfect Foil

Dependant on the specification of the foil we choose wood cores from a variety of species: Yellow and Western Cedar, Brazilian Cedar and Balsa and foam. A combination of these to achieve the required flex/weight ratio and then where allowed use re-enforcement materials bonded with epoxy resins.

Such materials include glass fibre or Carbon rovings’ in twill, Bi-axial, or Uni- directional weaves.

We finish the foils by successive stages of sanding up to 2000grit, and finally with the use of polishing compounds achieve a fair and very highly polished finish.

Most foils are finished white. All foils are supplied with reinforced tips.